• DBPirate

    Hey, guys! It's DBPirate here, the founder of the Super Mario 3D Wiki, which focuses on all the 3D Mario titles from Super Mario 64 to Super Mario 3D World.

    I just created the wiki on Tuesday and I'm about 20 pages in. I can't work on this I'm gonna need ya'll's help! 

    Right now, we're focusing on articles for Super Mario 64 which means levels, characters, bosses, anything you can find!

    Of course, you're still allowed to make articles about Sunshine and onward (Petey Piranha and the Cat ability already have their own articles) but not on levels from those games just yet.

    I'm dedicated to giving viewers the best experience possible so add and edit whatever you can. I also take pride in having great grammar and spelling so if you see an…

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